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what is an uptake fire ?

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  • what is an uptake fire ?

    what is an uptake fire ?

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    This is a kind of broad definition of a fire, depends on the location on the ship.

    Perhaps the most common form of uptake fire would be a galley uptake fire.

    Above the large ovens in the ships' galleys there are uptakes to extract the hot air and steam. This steam in the uptakes can leave residue of oil or grease that when exposed to intense heat can ignite and cause a fire.

    This is only one example but there are also ventilation uptakes in the engine room and many other areas of the ship.

    Why do you ask?

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      People often (wrongly IMHO) refer to economiser fires as uptake fires, where soot builds up on the tubes of the economiser or exhaust gas boiler and then catches fire, this can lead to the tubes themselves rupturing which allows hot steam into the mix and can then cause a hydrogen fire.

      I think this comes from engine exhausts sometimes being known as the uptakes which is probably something which has its origins back in the days of coal fired steam boilers.
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        If someone said fire in the uptakes to me, i'd be thinking somewhere along the lines of what Clanky just posted.


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          lol, only throwing my own assumptions into the mix.

          On cruise ships there are huge galleys with many uptakes. Forgive me for being so passenger ship

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            If i was to Hear uptake fire , i would also Consider it to be a fire In the Economizer . And a fire in the Galley Extraction Units would be a fire in the galley extraction units .
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              Yep pretty much agree.....a dictionary definition is any uptake BUT as an engineer you would "assume" economiser, the Galley uptakes would be described as a galley uptake fire, any question or situation posed would have further info available, as each requires different methods to tackle them.
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                uptake fire - economiser fire


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                  Not being nasty, but why resurrect a year old thread?
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