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Health & Safety Assignment Question Re: COSHH

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  • Health & Safety Assignment Question Re: COSHH

    I have a H&S assignment question, which basicly asks for my slant on the COSHH regualtions. Now I have plenty of information on the COSHH, however it seems to me they are a UK statutory instrument, which applies to land based industies as well. The doubt was put in my mind as to the reliabilty of my information by this, as I know the HASAWA is different for contractors working from dry dock for example, as opposed to the HASAWA which the ships crew follow. My information is coming the HSE website.

    Any thoughts?


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    have you looked at MGN 409?
    MGN 409 (M+F), The Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Health and Safety at Work) (Chemical Agents) Regulations 2010
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      I have not, some good reading in there by the look of it. Cheers smiler


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