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    Hello all,

    I'm looking for a little guidance here regarding the HNC Marine Engineering. It's very likely I will be medically discharged. I'm worried about my future as I have sunk in almost 4 years of my time and effort into this only for a career at sea unfeasible. Is there anything I can do shore-based with a HNC?

    I've asked lecturers with no luck and have also seen a careers advisor who basically told me to work in retail/ hospitality.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I would think there is plenty engineering based roles you can go into with that qualification, or top it up to a full degree and then that will obviously open more doors. Lots of marine engineers end up working shore side and although they will obviously have industry experience on top of the qualification I am sure you can find an entry level role somewhere with your qualification then go from there. Much easier than if you were deck side anyway. Sure one of the engineers will be along to offer further advice soon.


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      As above, plenty of engineering jobs will accept you with an HNC, it’ll just be gaining experience to get them to trust you’re a good engineer too. HNC is seen as quite a high level qualification on land weirdly, the jobs with it as a requirement tend can pay as high as £60k. Most people only have an NVQ level 3 in engineering on land which is what most jobs ask for.

      What region are you in and what level of experience do you have? Only the cadetship, or were you a mechanic etc beforehand?


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        I'm just having trouble searching. I'm not getting much guidance hence why I'm posting here.

        I live in Scotland, No other experience in this area whatsoever other than the cadetship. Definitely don't want to go back to college or uni. I'm just ready to start my career and settle down in life.

        Thank you so much for your replies, it's appreciated a lot!


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          I’d highly recommend applying for other high level apprenticeships as you’ll have a higher chance of acceptance and will be able to get yourself back on track. I think with just the cadetship you’ll struggle in Scotland as there is no shortage of skilled people up there, if you were in the southeast like me an HNC alone is a golden ticket as nobody goes into engineering here.

          Look at things like engineering apprenticeships with Network Rail, Scotrail etc. If you can afford another few years training you’ll be on to a winner if you can have your HNC and the full vocational training of another industry behind you.


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            I think I may be too old for an apprenticeship (31) I will definitely have a little look though as it could be worth it.


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              Look at the likes of Dales Marine, Ferguson and some of the smaller workboat companies for potential shoreside marine engineering work. If you're near Aberdeen there's often engineering jobs to do with O&G. In the Highlands there's plenty of engineering roles based around Aquaculture which is still a growing sector. I know of a few newly finished engineers with no sea experience who working for manufacturers/fabrication companies in the central belt as engineers. There's plenty off work in Scotland for engineers it's just about looking in the right places.