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    Hi all,

    I'm a deckie with an engineering degree trying to get an exemption for the AEC1 course. The MCA Engineering team told me to get in touch with IAMI directly for this, but they haven't replied to any of my emails over many attempts and a few months. I'd really appreciate it if anyone had a number to ring or an email address that works!!

    Many thanks!

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    I don't know of anyone that has managed that to be honest.. Considering it is an MCA 'approved' course, I'm very surprised they can't help you though - they have been a bit rubbish recently...

    I did the AEC a couple of years back and it was a bit odd. Super practical, pretty much zero engineering theory needed. I found it pretty handy, so if you aren't super confident working hands on engines and generators, it might be worth a go?

    Let us know if you managed to get the exemption though, I know someone that would appreciate it ha