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Transitioning from cargo to cruise company after cadetship, during Covid.

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  • Transitioning from cargo to cruise company after cadetship, during Covid.

    Hi there,

    I'm currently a cargo engineer cadet, in phase 3/4. Many of my friends work onboard of cruises and I am thinking of applying Princess Cruises after I come back from phase 4. My main reason for wanting to work in cruises rather than cargo is the better attitude towards safety that cruise ships have and the more comfortable shipboard conditions. In my phase 2 seatime at the start of the Covid pandemic, the conditions on the cargo ship I was on rapidly became worse, shortages of food and spares, crew changes and the like. Safety attitudes within the crew were pretty poor as well, open hatch covers being left open and very half hearted drills to name a few things. We also were boarded during the first month I was onboard. I've been comparing this to what my friends onboard of cruises, even during the mess that the Covid pandemic caused and found that they still managed to have an easier time XD.

    I am planning on finishing my required seatime with my current cargo company before I apply, so I can hopefully be hired as a newly qualified EOOW next year.

    I'm hoping that I could apply when the cruise industry starts to pick up again. Does anyone have any advice before I apply or could comment on how likely the cruise companies are to want to hire me? Is now a good time to be thinking about transferring?

    I speak 3 languages (French and English fluently and have studied and spoken spanish to a fair ability), and have been achieving good grades academically so far.

    Cheers, and thanks for viewing,

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    While there’s normally a steady stream of recruitment within the cruise industry it’s been massively curtailed at the present time - with a lot of existing officers either waiting at home on companies resuming or still managing to maintain a semi normal rotation (much dependant on company)...

    I would say there’s no harm in applying - but if you have a confirmed position with your current company on completion I wouldn’t throw that away quite yet

    Eventually cruise will pick up again but for the rest of 2021 I wouldn’t expect any massive hiring sprees from the cruise lines.
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