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  • Waverley Paddle Steamer (Glasgow)

    Hi there,

    I've currently passed my motor ticket IAMI and Oral Engineering exams and thought about volunteering at the Waverley Paddle Steamer in Glasgow to get a bit more experience with ships and tools, only problem is that some machinery i'm unfamiliar with as they're steam powered, however the main engine itself has cross over parts with large 2 stroke marine diesels with the crosshead guides etc.

    Does anyone have any information about Steam powered pumps either turbine or reciprocating or any steam knowledge that could perhaps help out in understanding the machinery on board, so far i've found some information about the main engines triple expansion system and the slide valves.

    Links for more information.


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    Reeds Volume 8: General Engineering Knowledge has a chapter on boilers and water treatment and D A Taylor's book Introduction to Marine Engineering has a chapter on steam turbines and gearing (as well as boilers and feed systems) both good books! D A Taylor is a particularly well written book, and very easy to read.


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      I’m sure when I was on the Irish Sea I met guys who did paid trips on the Waverley. They were Eastern European agency engineers, with steam tickets. Is there spots for volunteers? I could be wrong.


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        I think given her current predicament they will be thankful of any help they can get! I've stuck a bit of cash their way, it was the first ship I ever set foot on as a small child and it'd be a terrible shame if they couldn't get her up and running again. Although they have raised quite a bit of cash now so hopefully they can find the rest.