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A request of a torch

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  • A request of a torch

    Hello lads and ladies.
    Haven't messaged on this forum since before I was a cadet, and now just weeks away from the final sea phase.

    So I'm wondering after using my absolutely rubbish torch for the entirety of my first sea phase, are there any recommendations for a good one, don't want to spend rediculous money however. I am a cadet after all

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    Do not spend more than £15 odd quid, I have this one here and it’s lasted me over 5 years now. Brighter than any expensive torch I’ve been issued with and the battery still lasts around 2 weeks of intensive usage between charges. Dropped it in everything from sewage to the engine room tank top from deck 2 and it still survives.

    Put it in a rotary wire brush to remove the paint and it turns a cool silver, so no one will think it’s theirs as many have this torch!


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      LED lenser.


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        Unless you're working on a tanker and they need to be explosion proof - buy a cheap pack of LED ones from Amazon - such as these

        Inevitably you'll lose/break/drop them.
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          I have a brilliant little gerber led one which can do both red and white light and is not very bright so it is ideal on the bridge. There are a lot of people who have obsecenly bright LED ones on the bridge which is not a good idea imo, these are too bright for bridge use really. I've had it since I was first trip cadet nearly 10 years ago and I think I've only had to change the battery twice. I've just had a look though and unfortunately it's out of production. But if you can find something decent quality that's not too bright with a red light filter then I'd go for that.

          I also have one of the aforementioned offensively bright LED ones for reading draughts in the dark, tank inspections etc but I rarely use it.


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            i had this one, which was great, until i left it somewhere on the ship and it went walkies..


            granted its not EX, but it does take x2 standard aa batteries which are always easy to come by, and it cost $15 when i was in the US.

            Have to concur about not spending too much money, engineering on ships seems to destroy torches, however careful you think you are going to look after it. Saying that you do need something reasonably reliable to get the job done.