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2nd engineers costs

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  • 2nd engineers costs

    Has anybody self funded their 2nds ticket and how much did it end up costing?
    I'm looking to do mine this summer but don't want to sign my life away to any company getting it paid for by them.
    I've heard about getting smart funding for it or something or other. If anybody has had any experience with getting gov funding for it the knowledge would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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    A guy from my job went to do it at Warsash last year self funded.
    It was around 5 Grand course fees plus an extra grand or so to get the required management level Short courses...
    Then four/five months rent and food added on.
    The biggest thing that stopped me joining him was the missed wages for all that time cos I have a young family.


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      Yes SMarT funding is available, it covers 50% of the course fees only and not for accommodation. You need to apply to the Policy Co-Ordinator (SMarT) at the MCA. To meet their requirements of their Terms and Conditions you basically need to be unemployed when attending the course. For example, if your contract with a shipping company is only whilst you are signed on a ship then you are unemployed whilst on leave and therefore you can claim SMarT funding. Having gained MCA approval you can register with the Merchant Navy Training Provider at the UK Chamber of Shipping.

      Further funding maybe available from other organisations and someone else here hopefully can advice you of these.


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        I've just done mine on my own, I done the 6 week course at south Tyneside I had to do 3 weeks during one leave and 3 weeks during another leave as I couldn't get time off. A breakdown of costs are (approximate)
        Course fee: £2000
        Exam fee: £ 250
        Accommodation: £600
        HELM: £600
        High Voltage: £1000

        Total: £4450


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          @mikcle60, please does your estimate apply to an international student also?


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            Moses Antai international students pay the same, Warsash college is this:

            Costs (valid to 31 July 2019) All Students
            Professional Engineering Knowledge (Motor/General) or (Steam/General) £1920
            Human Element, Leadership & Management (Management Level) £ 650
            High Voltage (Management Level) £1117
            MCA Oral Examination fee (EXTERNAL FEE) £ 201
            SQA Examination fee (EXTERNAL FEE) £ 200*