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James Fisher engine cadet- Sep 2019

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  • James Fisher engine cadet- Sep 2019

    hi I’m new here,

    i have accepted a cadetship with James Fisher.

    would anyone know any information of what to expect onboard their vessels?

    what languages do the crews speak?

    Many thanks

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    Hi I work for James Fisher as an engineer so okay, The crews are required to speak English on board. And all do. The thing you'll see is small ships with mainly foreign crews. Polish, Romanians, Russians, Philippines.

    Fishers have 14 vessels now I belive, all product tankers. With two of them being 2 stroke, 3 of them are Diesel Electric (really fancy stuff) chemmy tankers, and the rest are 4 stroke tankers.

    small crews of 8 usually. 2 engineers usually so it's very hands on.

    You'll meet some fantastic officers. And you'll meet some that won't give you the time of day due to your rank.

    good luck


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      Hi, I'm currently at sea on a fisher ship as a phase two engine cadet. So far everyone I've met on board has been nice crews mainly Ukrainian, polish and Romanian but friendly enough. Ships are a little dated but still I've had a really good experience with them so far. Good luck