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  • Working on Dredgers

    Hello guys,

    Just wanted to get opinions from engineers who have worked on dredgers previously on what your experience was like? I've noticed there's been quite a few vacancies for dredgers posted by clyde marine recently, and I was looking to find a new job in the next few months or so, as I want shorter trips lengths and somewhere closer to the UK, getting bored of spending 24 hours to travel to join a ship now. What was the work like, what company did you work for, etc. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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    I know two guys who went to dredgers, neither stayed longer than one trip. There must be a reason the same dredging companies are advertising jobs every week of the year...

    The work is probably one of the most challenging ship types you can find for engineers, and if you don’t know a lot about hydraulics then you’ll find it extremely challenging if you’re expected to pick it up without assistance. The crews are small and some smaller dredgers expect you to take turns cooking etc

    It’s got the perk of less time away but it looks like they require a certain kind of engineer!