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    Morning, I'm currently on the foundation degree engine course and whilst I am enjoy the engineering side, I know now that going to sea is not for me. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any land based career paths a qualified cadet could apply for that are land based!
    I have had a quick Google, but nothing has really stood out as most engineering jobs require a lot of experience .
    I appreciate any advice anyone has! Thanks

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    I have heard of people gaining employment as technical assistants with shipping companies. I have seen maintenance engineer jobs looking for experience servicing and carrying out maintenance on air compressors. I've heard of people getting jobs with rail companies. Perhaps you could consider going to university and top up to a full degree. I believe power plants look for engineers to work on valves, pumps etc.
    Phase 5 SPD engine cadet at city of Glasgow college. Doing a a combined motor and steam ticket.


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      Try stay on fut degree. Not a lot of work for engineers ashore who only have limited experience.


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        Lots of places you would think would like your skills like university s with big boilers to look after or hospital trusts with emergency generators all require people who can maintain them. But I suggest if you have a job once qualified try and do a few trips before going ashore it will make your CV look far better. So basically any with big property estate or the railway is really good to get into if you are OK with night shifts


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          There is a member here who for personal reasons left shortly after qualified EOOW and moved ashore in a ship management company and is now a technical superintendent. I wouldn't say thats the norm, but he is an exceptionally bright guy and it shows that is possible.


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            A friend of mine did a trip as 4/E and decided being at sea wasn’t for him. He worked for Thames Clippers for a while before being accepted for 2nd year entry to a BEng in Mechanical Engineering at LJMU.
            You’ll probably find employment easier if you get yourself a bachelors, then you can apply for graduate schemes which won’t be expecting experience.


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              Jobs I’ve tried/successfully been offered and rejected through fear of change include: rail vehicle engineering, facilities engineering, power station technician, biogas plant technician, lifting gear surveyor.

              I have very few years experience as a third compared to most and only an HNC, yet all of the above were fairly easy to get an offer from... wages varied from £19k to over £47k for the lifting gear surveying (lots of antisocial travel). I’d say as an engineer you are lucky that there are paths ashore where you can head to, some may require you working your way up but hey... it’s money and you’re home every night!

              I’d say a good start would be a technicians job, where you’ll drive a van and repair something very specific for many people and get £30k for it; this kind of job normally wants overqualified people to be trained up.