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Engineers study material orals and Nav arc (new books)

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  • Engineers study material orals and Nav arc (new books)

    Earlier this year I passed my 2nd engineers COC whilst studying at STC, having been the first batch to go through the new management route.

    I found the notes from the college helpful along with the lecturers but admit to using the Rollo Tomkins Q&A books for general and motor, no book is available as yet for the naval architecture questions, I spent a good bit of my study time researching this as the notes we were given were not the best.

    Since then I have considered compiling a book along with a friend of mine who is a degree qualified naval architect, we are looking at producing a book in the same format with questions and example answers but also with some background knowledge as we feel this helps reinforce the understanding of the subject.

    On the first day we were also all given a handout of past oral exam questions, I found this very beneficial in studying although they were all questions from shields and I done my orals in Aberdeen (not one questions was the same but I did pass),
    would you find it beneficial to have a resource of questions from different exam centres along with example answers, we are looking into putting together a website that would offer this or possibly a book that is regularly updated although we still need to work out how to get regular updated oral questions.
    We would need to charge for this as it would be a lot of work to keep up to date, how much do you feel you would pay to have access for 1 year or to buy a study book containing the same information.

    Could you give your opinion on the above 2 points, do you feel having this would be/would have been useful?

    Also how much do you feel is a reasonable price to charge for the above?

    Any contribution whether good or bad is what we are looking for so please feel free to voice your opinion, sorry if any of the above isn't written too well Im starting to nod off.

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