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    Hi All,
    I am a cadet currently away on my first sea phase. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any material, such as websites or books, to help expand my base knowledge of marine engineering? I did bring some revision material with me however a lot of the content is more than I need to know at this moment in time.. Finally, if anyone has any visual aids they know of such as animations of different systems I'd also find that of great value Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you

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    Are basically the go to websites for technical stuff.


    Practical marine electrical knowledge by Dennis hall is good for electrical stuff and generally the reeds series help too.

    My advice is have a read through what ever lecturers upload or hand out (Moodle at STC) they often have condensed notes with the bits you actually need.


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      I used to take the manuals up for a bit night time reading, not necessarily the best way to learn but if you know what your doing the next day it can't hurt to have a read so you can anticipate what's happening and have questions ready to ask.


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        You read manuals......and you're an engineer........I don't think so
        Trust me I'm a Chief.

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          Hahaha... ��


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            Has some good info with plenty of pictures. Also some more advanced things if you're interested. Also its easy on the data.

            What sort of ship you on?
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              Sorry rusty, only just seen your message. Thanks for the help, i'll be sure to have a look at that website shortly!
              I'm currently just over 3 months into a stint on a cable installation vessel, and so far so good!