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Decision time

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  • Decision time

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and just love all the useful stuff everyone is posting.

    I'm after some insight if anyone can help.

    I have been accepted as an Engineering Cadet with both Thomson and Princess Cruises and wondered what peoples cadetships have been like with these companies. What their experience was like as a cadet with them and if with them long enough what happened at the end of the cadetship. Just trying to get some first hand perspectives before making my final decision on who to go with.

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    You are likely to receive a similar level of training with either company, you will work with a mix of nationalities and, if you are considered good enough, you are likely to be employed by both.

    Thomson Cruises is expanding at present, so it is quite a good time to join.
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      Thanks Clanky,

      The Thompson position is via SSTG and Princess is direct with them, do you think the different routes could affect prospects at the end of the cadetship.

      Thanks Ems


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        Princess are expanding as well at the moment so really depends on what you want from management, whether you want to work directly with the company or through a third party agency.


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          Thanks Bridgemonkey.