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  • TRB essays?

    Alright everyone,

    Needing a hand here as my company and sponsoring company haven't really confirmed anything.
    For the log book it says that you need to write essays for the tasks that are highlighted, however the 12FDETOs log book doesn't have highlighted tasks. My company said to write essays for each block of task, while others have said to write it for every single task. Not really sure what to do, whether to go with my sponsoring company or CMT.
    What has/is everyone else done/doing?


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    The ETO I worked with produced a small report, maybe one or two A4 pages with photos for each individual task, no "essays".


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      so far iv been doing small reports and step by step bullet points, not really sure if that's right tho


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        Sorry I meant reports. I think I will do what my sponsoring company said and do each task. Pretty badly explained though, it says in the TRB to do reports on the additional tasks, however it doesn't have anything on the additional tasks so wasn't sure. Cheers guys


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          Well the number of reports written for the work book to bqck up the tasks signed off in the trb really varied in the 10 fd eto. My sponsor used an external assessor to review my work book and his feedback was minimal so it seems Im only going to find out on the day of the mca oral.

          As a guide I wrote multiple reports on the ship distribution system, one for each ship I was on, and reports for maintenance and understanding tasks but missed some out completely.

          E.g. Operate a vsd.
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