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Handy "pocket" tools for ETOs

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  • Handy "pocket" tools for ETOs

    Thought I would populate the ETO section a bit. When I was on a ship visit one of the eto cadets mentioned a couple of useful things to always carry around for eto types - I can remember a terminal screwdriver and a cabinet key being mentioned -any other suggestions or links to stuff anyone recommends?

    What about torches? Is a mini maglite okay, or is a torch with a plastic body better?

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    i have a little LED job and its a great torch, however for a tanker theres a preference for suitably tested ones however if you dont know what ship your going to be on its worth having a good one, dont have to use it
    I will probably invest in a decent set of test leads for a mulitmeter becasue ive yet to see a decent set on a ship, but as a cadet thats a bit of a random thing to carry.
    a magnetic field tester is a great thing for testing if coils etc are on, without having to open a junction box, however its not really the sort of stuff you need as a cadet
    and its worth not turning up like inspector gadget with things in bulging pockets
    a pocket notebook and a pen however are essential

    if i think of anything else i will add it but my mind has come back from a ship and got rid of anything remotely related
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      There is a great little app available for mobile devices called 'Electrodroid', over the few years it has been out, I have found it very useful! It has plenty of databases, pin outs, calculators and all sorts of stuff you learn about in electronics and forget!!

      It has a free version and a pay for one. I use the free version, the only difference is you get a few adds on the bottom.



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        If you are going to be on a tanker and you are going to purchase a torch then it needs to be intrinsically safe.
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