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  • Tools, laptop, stuff.....

    Hey all another question :P
    I know I don't have to worry about it now but I was wondering if you got your tools provided, multimeter etc (or if you even need them?). I was also thinking of buying a laptop for sea and school work is this advisable or would it be better to get some sort of other entertainment like a simple portable dvd player or just plain books!?

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    Books if you like to read, get a kindle ideally a 3G one.

    Tools, torch, spanner, small terminal screw driver (insulated) but dont go to mad, theres probably a few more things that you will see during college and on ships or lacking that you then carry when qualified but a ship should have everything you need

    Laptop is the best as there will be reports to write at sea etc, and even in college frees you from the college equipment. a decent big hard drive is good for sharing movie collections
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      Panel keys are handy to have on you
      led torch,
      laptop for reports,internet,films

      you should get tools provided
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        You will need a laptop, decent hard drive for work, films music etc.. USB stick to get documents from the ship or vice versa for printing etc.

        Also, a really good notepad (bythis i mean the non-electronic version..) One you can carry with you always and a pencil because latley im finding i dont have a nice flat horizontal surface to jot or sketch on and a pens dont like writing at odd angles!

        Most tools you will get on board, panel keys are probably the most useful piece of kit you can have now as they allow you to explore as soon as you get on board. What the other guys have said though is about right for when you eventually need to get em!
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          most ships will have a library on board for books and dvd's... but how good this is depends on the company... new ships will have a networked entertainment solution that you can access from your cabin (database of movies, music, tv shows etc) take a laptop with you and a good hard drive, it will get filled on your first trip as most crew will have lots of films for you to copy. best bit of kit though as has been said, is your note book and pencil. I carry 2 one red and one black for electrics and electronics. I also take a decent torch (LED Lenser MT7 is an excellent torch!)