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  • ETO cadet Entry criteria?

    HI guys,
    So I'm highly interested in becoming an ETO on a cruise ship and wanting to join the cadetship. But I feel I definitely lack the requirements. I'm 30 years old, I never did A level. I recently went back a few years ago and did a Math and Biology GCSE B,C grade, so I've got a good grasp in Math. What should someone in my position do to get a chance for sponsorship? Should i study a couple of A levels (Math, physics) Or would there be a slight chance of getting a sponsorship? Hopefully some of you guys could help out. Thanks.

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    The cadetship websites are pretty clear on what they require from you for each route.

    ETO: To undertake the HND/Foundation Degree route you require a minimum of four qualifications including maths, English and one science based subject at the following grade levels, plus at least 48 UCAS points from Highers or A-Levels including maths and/or physics.

    So you need four GCSEs grade A*-C including English, maths and science. Additionally you need 48 UCAS points from A-levels which ideally will be in maths or physics, but they accept most A-levels generally. 48 UCAS points can be one A-level at grade A, two at grade D or any combination that adds up to 48+. They do not take anything less as that is a college requirement, not a company requirement.

    The ETO cadetship is the most difficult, only seriously consider it if you’re a dab hand at physics and maths.


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      Thank you, that is what i wanted to know whether it was the college or the company requirements. Thanks It's something I want to do, I'm not to bad at math but will def need to further study it along with physics to get a better grasp


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        You could try applying and see what happens.

        But i dont have A-Levels/Highers, however i do have a HND in elec engineering from before the cadetship. So maybe try a college course specifically for elec engineering.

        Im also 30 and would say the elec courses at college would be better than simply going back in to education for a couple A levels.

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