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Top-up year to attain Honours degree

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  • Top-up year to attain Honours degree


    I am completing an ETO cadetship with Princess Cruises and I?m interested in doing a top-up year so I can get the Honours degree for future use. What I?m wondering is if anybody has previously been funded by a company to complete the extra year at Uni and if so how did they go about it? So far I?ve been told by the cadet manager of the company that a top-up year is not available but it seems people are telling me otherwise so I would highly appreciate any advice on this.


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    Is that at South Shields or Warsash?
    Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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      Only some companies sponsor for the top up, it is available to privately pay for though.


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        How has it been so far?

        Following this


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          Apologies for the huge delay.

          chris My plan involves completing a top-up electrical engineering degree with Sheffield Hallam University as this seems to be the best fit for myself for a number of reasons that I won't bore you with. Warsash and South Shields don't seem to offer top-up degrees in electrical and electronic engineering, so those options are out the window.

          Inland Pirate I've realised that paying for the course personally might be the only option at this point, as Princess Cruises don't seem to integrate a top-up degree option for ETO's right now. I have been liaising with the cadet manager to dive into the opportunities which will hopefully be on offer to Princess Cruises cadets soon.

          PrincessEto So Far I have not had any joy in regards to clear guidance from the organisation, but I'm strongly hoping that my interest starts the ball rolling. I'm waiting on additional information from a company representative, so will try to keep this post up to date as best I can.


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            I believe the nautical Institute can contribute towards funding for this sort of thing of you are a member. Might be worth looking into. Not researched this myself but something someone told me.


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              This did used to be a thing but not anymore. Obviously some people qualify for student finance so it's not a problem for them. The BEng top up in Shields is Marine Engineering but there is an electrical module I think.
              There are electrical and electronic engineering distance learning top ups I've had a look at, you can do the BEng and an extra two years to get the MSc.
              Personally I'll be doing it with the open university, but very much depending on what happens with when we can finish and do our orals.


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                Yes the Sheffield Hallam course looks the best and has the accreditation.

                The Portsmouth distance learning course also looks ok but you would have to convince the IET to get professional recognition as it doesnt have accreditation. Also distance learning deadlines could be hard to fit around time away at sea.

                Be prepared for a challenging year on the Sheffield course. Quite a step up from the 2nd year degree level style courses offered at South Shields.

                Worth it though. An accredited Beng Hons from Sheffield Hallam so much better than a non accredited Beng without Hons degree from Southampton Solent. In my opinion.
                Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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                  It seems you?re referring to attaining sponsorship from the company that I already work for. Unfortunately, this is not an option as this is not available as part of Princess Cruises? agenda. At least not right now. Hopefully they?ll change this before I decide to complete the top up degree.

                  I like that you?ve mentioned the option of the engineering top up degree at South Shields, but I?d like to complete an electrical specific top up degree instead. Looking into student finance is also another great option, which even though I have considered, I?d like to stay away from if I?m able to be money smart in a way that I can save the necessary finances to complete the top up. This may involve saving for a year or 2 prior to doing the additional course. The open University is also something I?ve looked into. I?m not sure if this option fits me, so at this point in time it seems completing the course at Sheffield Hallam is the most promising step forward.
                  thanks for your input. It sounds as though you?re familiar with the Sheffield Hallam course. Is this something you?ve completed personally?


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                    @Nozzer-jr I was going to start the course this coming Sept with a years unpaid leave from work but Im going to put that plan on hold while we have corona virus.

                    I looked into the modules taught in the final year and what the students of the similar degree course would have studied in years 1 and 2 to see if I was up to it.


                    Year 1

                    Module:Analogue Electronic Engineering Credits:20 Assessment:Coursework
                    Module:Digital Electronic Engineering Credits:20 Assessment:Coursework
                    Module:Electrical Engineering Principles Credits:20 Assessment:Coursework
                    Module:Engineering Mathematics Credits:20 Assessment:Coursework
                    Module:Introduction To Programming Credits:20 Assessment:Coursework
                    Module:Professional Engineering Practice Credits:20 Assessment:Coursework
                    Year 2

                    Module:Analogue And Digital Electronics Credits:20 Assessment:Coursework
                    Module:Communication Systems And Computer Networks Credits:20 Assessment:Coursework
                    Module:Control And Instrumentation Credits:20 Assessment:Coursework
                    Module:Electrical Power And Machines Credits:20 Assessment:Coursework
                    Module:Embedded Systems Design Credits:20 Assessment:Coursework
                    Module:Professional Practice Credits:20 Assessment:Coursework
                    Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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                      My cadetship is with trinity house and TeeKay, Apparently Trinity house has a application process to carry on sponsoring to upgrade your SPD into a full Degree fully funded. (going to glasgow hence SPD)

                      I shall try for it as its the best option i feel to gain a full degree!!!


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                        chris it seems like a good idea to hold off on going to university this year, as it?s all up the air in terms of how courses are being delivered. It seems many people are having to pay a huge sum of money to be taught through online material. Hopefully by holding off you?ll be able to have face-to-face lectures once the corona virus situation is out of the way.

                        Also, you?ve made a good point about analysing the first 2 years of the course provided by Sheffield Hallam University. It?s certainly provides good insight.


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                          HarrisonHCO I?m glad you?re with Trinity, and have the opportunity to do a sponsorship for the top-up. Unfortunately, I am employed by Princess Cruises, and do not have the opportunity for a sponsored top-up degree at this point in time. I?d say it?s definitely worth you pursuing the top-up, as it is supposed to create more prospects for you later on in your career. Especially, if you?re contemplating working ashore.