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Southampton OOW Orals: 26 Aug 2016

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  • Southampton OOW Orals: 26 Aug 2016

    Date: 26.08.2016

    Ship Types: Bulk Carrier and Container ship

    The questions are not in any particular order. just when i remembered what i was asked i wrote the question down. Hope this helps someone!

    The exam was as anyone can imagine, a nervous yet good experience, i was offered a glass of water, had the usual health and safety and chat about MGN69.

    After this we were talking about my ships and a bulk carrier in port and that lead on to the questioning:

    OOW onboard a bulk carrier loading mixed cargo including dangerous good.
    then asked (as i sailed on container ships) where would i find information on the stowage and handling of harmful packaged goods.
    how would i know exactly what dangerous good were being loaded? (Cargo manifest)
    Cheif mate asked me to get DWA: How would i go about this?

    then told Captain want to sail to Gibraltar and then on to cape town, explain the passage plan process.
    ECDIS: What are the limitations
    how do i know it is up to date
    RADAR: How do i know it is performing to required strandard? what are the limitations?
    Charts: How do we correct them?
    How do i know they are up to date after joining as navigation officer?
    picked symbols for me to describe, asked what the green on the chart was.
    Asked me to convert a Compass bearing to true.
    Weather: What is a the masons hygrometer used for?
    what is the wet bulb depression required for?
    what are sources of a weather forecast?

    What is the purpose of the MAIB?
    what would you do upon receiving a distress message?
    Sextant: what are the correctable errors? Read the sextant?
    how would you use a throw over liferaft?
    what pyrotechnics are in the lifeboat?
    how long are pyrotechnics valid for?


    Clear vis:

    PDV from port
    PDV from Stbd
    Sailing V/L from Port
    CBD V/l From port in TSS


    CBD from Port
    V/L engaged in dredging seen on her obstructed side
    Sailing V/L seen stbd side
    fishing v/l seen port side with outlying geat 150m horizontal

    for all night i needed to give fog and day signal

    Restricted vis
    V/L on Stbd bow
    V/L on port quarter
    V/l On stbd bow and stbd quarter

    Buoys: Didnt have to sail my ship, just describe the light characteristics and what they meant. I had

    port hand mark, preferred channel to stbd
    emergency wreck mark

    overall not to bad, i managed to pass. The examiner was really nice, puts you at ease. It is stressful and nerve racking, but you wouldnt be human if you didnt feel some stress!

    Good luck to all those who are due to take the exam!

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