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  • Help please...ASAP

    Hi, I have to fill in my CMT forms and it asks for ENG1 medical date and expiry, I haven't had it yet, shall I leave it and call them up once I've had it?

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    From what I remember none of these forms actually needed to be returned ASAP. If I were you I would just book the medical, sort that out then send all the forms back along with the medical details and receipt so you can get refunded for that ?80ish too. If you're really worried though you should call them but I remember someone handing these forms in a few days before we started College in September. It'll be fine.


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      Complete as much as you can and return the forms ASAP. Clyde will fill the gaps once they receive a copy of your ENG1. With regards to a refund, make sure you get a receipt and bring that to college with you on day 1.

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        Ok, I think that I'm going to call them just to be safe