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magnetic compass carriage requirement

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  • magnetic compass carriage requirement

    I recently heard someone say that if you carry 3 or more gyros of different types then you don't really require a magnetic compass. Anyone kmow if there any truth in that? If so where can the details be found.

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    Don't know about the requirements, but we have three gyros, a magnetic compass and a spare magnetic compass.
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      From SOLAS

      2. Shipborne navigational equipment and systems
      2.1 All ships irrespective of size shall have:
      2.1.1 a properly adjusted standard magnetic compass or other means, independent of any power supply to determine the ship's heading and display the reading at the main steering position;
      2.1.2 a pelorus or compass bearing device, or other means, independent of any power supply to take bearings over an arc of the horizon of 360?;
      2.1.3 means of correcting heading and bearings to true at all times;
      2.1.4 nautical charts and nautical publications to plan and display the ship's route for the intended voyage and to plot and monitor positions throughout the voyage; an electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) may be accepted as meeting the chart carriage requirements of this subparagraph;
      2.1.5 back-up arrangements to meet the functional requirements of subparagraph .4, if this function is partly or fully fulfilled by electronic means;*


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        Other than a magnetic compass what is their independent of a power supply to determine ships heading?

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          Also bare in mind that the flag state can pretty much exempt any vessel from any requirement...

          On a side note I believe some HSC don't carry them as do some vessels which carry fibre optic "gyro" compasses.
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            With more and more sat compasses coming in the market I can see some changes on the horizon, although it will be a shame as in a sadistic way I enjoyed doing mag compass during my masters!
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              On the HSC's I run on, we carry a magentic. Useless of course, with the ship itself being all aluminium construction, the vehicle cargo has a pretty significant, and random, effect.


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                Do you still carry paper charts? (Long time since I was at sea).
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