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  • AFFF foam

    Does anyone know if AFFF foam has an expiry? Heard something that it needs to be replaced or chemically tested every 3 years.

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    I had this discussion with guy from GL as long as the containers are unopened it's fine until the expiry date stamped on the certificate.
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      Nice thanks for the info.

      Do you have any written reference where it says this?


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        IMO circular MSC.1/Cir.1432 lists it all for you, you should be able to download a pdf version.
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          Annual testing and inspections

          7.4 Foam fire-extinguishing systems

          .9 take samples from all foam concentrates carried on board and subject them to
          the periodical control tests in MSC.1/Circ.1312, for low expansion foam, or
          MSC/Circ.670 for high expansion foam.
          (Note: Except for non-alcohol resistant foam, the first test need not be
          conducted until 3 years after being supplied to the ship.);