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    I've decided that my long term career aim is work on superyachts. I'm currently doing a deck cadetship and am wondering where my ticket could get me as a starting point on a superyacht. Would it be better for me to spend a few years serving on regular merchant ships and get chief mate/master ticket before switching over. Also if I go straight to superyachts how would promotions work, is it the same as the regular merchant navy or different. Any other info you think is helpful would be great.

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    Hi man,

    I recently qualified with my OOW Unlimited ticket in january. I am now onboard a super yacht for a month as temp 2nd officer, which suits me good as I have just signed a contract with a cruiseship company starting in April. Anybody I have talked to on the yachts have all told me to get my tickets up to chiefs, maybe masters then go to super yachts.

    From what I have seen, you would have a much better standard of training coming from the merchant side of things.

    Hope this helps!!!


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      Most yachts won't give you the time off to do your tickets, it's all about working and the bottom line. With merchant tickets you'd be looking at the larger end if the scale, so passenger ship experience (especially dealing with flag and class surveys on class 1) is a good asset. Yachts don't have corporate training departments, they expect you to already be good at what you do.
      Some yachts operate with only Master Mariners CoC for deck officers...