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Barometer Height Correction Table

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  • Barometer Height Correction Table

    Can anyone tell me in which publication on board you can find this table?

    I found it online of course and I eventually found it in Brown's Nautical Almanac after searching through our entire library.

    Any where else?

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    Rule of thumb is 1 hpa per 27 feet/8 metres. I would have thought that Nories tables would have it in. Fairly important to those of us with flight decks at a different height to the barometer when giving QFE and QNH to aircraft.


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      Thanks but I couldn't find it in Nories, I thought maybe it would be in the Marine Observers Handbook but we don't have it on this ship.


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        The MOH chapter on the barometer can be found here - they do not have a correction table. They state the Met Office will supply one, ref 7.2.3.
        Having said that, I recall doing the same thing last trip and being surprised not to find it in Nories or the Mariners Handbook. At least we finally found a use for Browns...