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    Hi, I successfully used simple noon sights crossing the Atlantic in a yacht but my knowledge base of expectations @ Warsash is sparse.

    Would appreciate any guidance and advice on what I have to look out for when studying the correct methods required and any useful reading material.

    Many thanks.

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    The method we were taught at Warsash was the intercept method. You really don't need to worry about it though as they start from the basics and take you step by step through it each week. It does move at a fast pace, so you really do need to do the homework set as a minimum; I usually did all of the questions rather than just the 5 selected for homework.
    You'll be at an advantage in that you've actually used a sextant and (got a fix?) before, so it's not all alien to you. I tried teaching myself before I got to Warsash (before I'd found out about the MN actually), and got most of the way there with this book:
    Looking back one or two details may have been a bit different, but the principle is the same. You really don't need any existing knowledge though.


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      Celestial Studies/Exams

      Tbh mate, if you know what a sextant is your 6-8 weeks ahead of everyone in your class so don't worry about it Marc St.Hillare intercept method is the one we use mostly...... Well until you get to sea then hardly anyone uses it :P

      Just remember you're not a "WAFI" anymore and everything doesn't give way to you anymore