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    Can anyone tell me what lights a vessel adrift should display? If the vessel is adrift due to awaiting berthing for example and there is no problems on board. Should it just be the same as a PDV underway?

    I noticed some vessels adrift while awaiting berthing which were displaying 2 red lights, side lights, for'd masthead light, stern light and deck lights. In other words, a vessel NUC and making way with the addition of the deck lights and the for'd masthead light. Is a vessel NUC in these circumstances?
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    A vessel drifting and awaiting orders or similar through choice with main engines available should display steaming lights as per a PDV. NUC lights are for when you are unable to obey the rules, not for when you choose not to.

    That said many vessels do display NUC lights while drifting through choice, it's not correct, but it is common.
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      Too common sadly, I think their was a big debate on here a few months back regarding this and an MGN I'll try dig out for you


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