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    Dear Guys, I have presentation and in the last minute I needed to know watchkeeping times. As I read I remember. it writes on ILO but for now I cant see it and its realy urgent for me. If you know please write how can I find working hourse schedule (Chief off 4-8,16-20, etc.) Write in somewhere I know it but for know I cant find and my presentation will be in a few hours so I need it.

    Thx For replies...

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    As turnbats has mentioned it varies company to company and often is broken down into "at sea" and "in port" by most companies to differentiate between cargo watches etc.



    sea: 0400-0800, 1000-1200, 1600-2000
    port: 0600-1200, 1300-1900
    Pilotage - It's just a controlled allision


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      Originally posted by turnbats
      Not really sure I understand what you're after...

      I didn't think ilo sets watch times, rather it sets the work & rest hour limits (which is the same as in the SCTW) - someone please correct me if I'm wrong?

      Anyway the max work hours shouldn't exceed:
      - 14 per 24 hours
      - 72 in a 7 day period

      Minimum rest hours shouldn't be less than:
      10 per 24 hours
      77 in a 7 day period.

      That's a brief overview but there are other considerations
      Maximum work hours comes out at 91hours in 7 days, not 72, but yes the rest is bang on. Also the rest periods cannot be solit into more than 2 periods in 24 hours, so if you work for 6 hours, rest for 2 work for 2 hours rest for 2, then work for 6 hours again this does not count as 10 hours rest in 24 hours.

      Some governamnts interpret this requirement for not more than 2 rest periods in 24 as also applying to the weekly average of 77 hours rest, so if you worked 6 on / 6off, 4on / 4off, 2 / on 2 off, every day then even though you meet the minimum 10 hours rest in 24 hours with a 6 hour rest period and a 4 hour rest period, according to some governments you don't meet the minimum 77 hours rest in 7 days as the rest was in more than 2 periods per 24 hours, while other governments seem to interpret it as complying.

      Easy, huh?
      Go out, do stuff


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        Thx guys I present like that but I didnt show on STCW as I told you I didnt find it because of limited time so I told what I know... Thanks for writingg