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Superyachts vs cruise ships

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  • Superyachts vs cruise ships

    Hello again, apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place.

    I've done a lot of research and I've decided that the passenger sector is for me, despite the better pay in cargo.
    Recently I have been seriously considering working on superyachts- as opposed to cruise ships, because I've heard that the pay is meant to be so much better.
    However, it is in my understanding that yacht owners prefer European men as officers, and women as stewardesses.

    I guess the two things I want to find out are:
    -Is the pay for deck officers on yachts really as good as people say?
    -Would I have any hope of being in a position of responsibility on these vessels?


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    There are a lot of female officers, officer engineers and captains on superyachts. Even on a Middle Eastern Head of State yacht that I worked on previously we had a female Deck Officer, so I'd say for the most part it isn't an issue.
    Salaries can be excellent on superyachts, but they can also be bad and leave can be poor.

    Best recommendation would be to get at least our Chief Mates ticket in commercial vessels such as cruise ships before making the jump to yachts. Yachts rarely fund or allocate leave for training.