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    Originally posted by Hatchorder View Post
    I got a brand new printed copy of the TRB from Kirsch, with a "sample" watermark on every page, bound in a nice blue folder - the only time I did get something I asked for!

    Oh i was hoping you wouldn't say kirsch.


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      Originally posted by Steve View Post
      At least one also had/has a patent log, though I confess to not having used it. Bit of an ancient thing in a box
      Had to use it a few times. pig of a thing to use, especially handing it back on board, and we never found it was particularly accurate. Hated with a passion by most cadets who ever used it.

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        Lead lines are still required on some ships at least. I know our deep lead line was inspected during our PSSC survey.
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          Every ship I have been on has had a lead line tucked away in a cupboard somewhere or other. Causes me endless amusement when casually asking the OOW where said object is, then watching them hunt through the entire bridge for it. It normally then travels around the ship, being discussed left right and centre!!


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            Originally posted by Steve View Post

            Doesn't your ship carry a lead line? All mine have, and they have been used to conduct berth surveys on more than one occasion.
            I'll let you know when I get on board.

            I heard that the spinners on patent logs used to get eaten by sharks etc. Any truth in that?


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              One old man I worked with would make me get the lead line out at EVERY port and manually take the depths at 18 different points around the vessel, that was my fav!!

              As far as not getting th MNTB books, every Maersk ship I sailed on always had a spare copy of the MNTB blue and purple books, so they can't be that hard to get a hold of.