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  • Chart correction NMwebsearch Tip

    Hi all,

    I thought I'd point this site out in case you aren't aware of it as it has saved me quite a bit of time and effort when doing paper chart corrections over the past few years.

    The NMwebsearch site (‎) is part of the UK hydrographic office, you'll even find the website noted on the inside page of your weekly notices. It's especially useful when you find some [email protected] has either missed a correction or forgotten to write it at the bottom of the chart. You can search for the correction number and it'll pop straight up which saves hunting through old notices for it.

    The other thing which I find incredibly useful is the T&P function. If you enter all your chart numbers (which takes a bit of time, but the list can be saved) you can search for only T&P's. The website then makes a lovely pdf file for all the T&P's in force for your chart catalogue. This can then be saved/printed, and used for updating your lists/charts etc. Just be aware that list will be for the week you do the search, which is usually a few weeks ahead of the paper notices you receive onboard. I in fact don't use the weekly NTM at all for T&P's anymore, just NMWebsearch and the printed PDF gets kept in my chart correction folder. By comparing your new pdf to an old one it is also pretty quick to see which have been cancelled.

    Obviously, you need an internet connection, but most ships seem to have this these days.

    Hope you find this of use,