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    Does anyone on here have much experience submitting a hydrographic note?

    If people have seen kind of navigationaly significant things which are not charted, and were to considering submitting one, any idea of what kind of detail the UKHO is looking for or can you just send them a simple message.

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    **** Admin can you fix the typo in the thread title from Noes not Notes please


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      Send them whatever you've got. If you have the opportunity to collect detailed information, I would do so, but if you only have the basics I'd still send it in if it's significant.


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        There should be a form attached to weekly NTMs and I think you can find it in The Mariner?s Handbook as well, there?s info in there too as far as I?m aware.


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          Believe you can also do it through the UKHO website, although I've never done it myself. Probably the easiest way provided you have internet access.


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            Sent around 10 on last ship...

            As others have said as much info a you've got; for things like buoys that have changed I just sent the position of the buoys and what they were.

            When it was the entire port of sokhna that had changed I sent a print out of the radar overlay on the ecsis as well as info the pilot had told us.

            They issued a new block a few weeks later - they occasionally contact you to ask other questions if you haven't told them all they need to know.
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              The UKHO now have H Note Apps, downloads are free.