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  • Not to impede!

    This is causing a huge amount of confusion in orals preps sessions at the minute.

    Three situations. Steady bearing, range closing.

    You are a PDV. CBD, port side, crossing. Actions?

    You are a PDV in a TSS. Sailing vessel, starboard side, crossing. Actions?

    You are a PDV in a narrow channel. Vessel engaged in fishing, starboard side, crossing. Actions?

    My answers:

    1) I am required to avoid impeding his safe passage. I am always obliged to do so even when risk of collision exists but must be mindful of the action he may take in accordance with rule 15. One short blast, alter to starboard to parallel his course. Slowing down is also an option but not as readily apparent to the other vessel.

    2) I would expect the sailing vessel not to impede my passage. However, to avoid the situation developing further and if I had sufficient searoom I would sound one short blast and alter course to starboard to pass astern of the sailing vessel. If this was not possible and the sailing vessel was causing me concern, I would sound five short and rapid blasts on the whistle supplemented by a light signal of five or more short and rapid flashes, call the master and if he still doesn't take action I will reduce my speed or, if possible, sound one short blast and make a bold alteration to starboard to pass astern of him as I am, ultimately, the give way vessel.

    3) Ditto.

    Please rip me to pieces because I need this clear in my head for orals!
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    Why do I get the feelin your in same orals prep class as some1 I was speaking to earlier...

    1. I would take a series of compass bearings to ascertain if risk of collision exists.

    Risk of collision exists, I am the stand on vessel however as she is CBD I am required to not impede the passage of the other vessel. I would alter course to stb & reduce speed if necessary to allow her to pass safely down my port side. (OR take all way off and allow the other vessel to pass ahead.)

    Since 1 particular examiner enjoys asking this; Can you goto port? Depends - if I take action at an early stage I can go to port to pass astern of her, however she is the give way vessel and I would be mindful that she may alter to stb. If it's a cylinder your looking at DO NOT GIVE THIS ANSWER as they will consider you to be too close!
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