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  • Pay!

    Was just wondering what the pay is like for each stage in the career! For example, at college, trainee officer, etc..!

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    Hi Megrow98

    You may want to have a look here:

    Basically whilst you are a Cadet you will have just enough to pay the bills and if you are sensible during your sea phases you will have enough for extra drinkies during the next college phase.

    Once you qualify you will earn around the 25K mark as a really rough approx.

    I know some people complain about the 500 quid a month as a Cadet or whatever but it sure beats paying for everything yourself!
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      As Chris said above when you first qualify you will most likely be sailing as second or third officer and will be looking at around 25k (this can vary from 20k to 30k depending on company, leave ratio etc.)

      The next step on the ladder is usually chief officer and then you would expect to earn around 40k (again this can vary wildly)

      After that is master and this can range from 60k upwards.

      For the engine department the steps are similar except that chief engineers tend to be paid less than masters.
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        When I finished my cadetship, the rates with Clyde Marine were as follows:

        College (All but final phase): ?175 per week
        Final College Phase: ?195 per week
        Sea Phases: ?120 per week

        With my job (working on oil tankers) I was initially employed as 4th Engineer, now 3rd Engineer, rough salaries as follows:

        4/E: circa ?30k per year
        3/E: circa ?44k per year
        (These are only rough figures, as I am actually paid in dollars, which is then adjusted each month depending on the exchange rate, i.e. if the exchange rate is above a certain level, I get paid a straight months salary, but if it drops below it gets adjusted to bring it back in line.)

        Being in the Oil Industry generally means slightly better wages than say Cruise/General Cargo ships, however IIRC HAL were offering approx ?22k per year for 4/E when I applied to them last year.

        Ohh, and my leave ratio is currently at 3:2 (3 months on/2 months holidays), and average contract length is 3.5 months.