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European Gateway Technical Investigation

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  • European Gateway Technical Investigation

    I am a final year student at Plymouth University, currently doing my dissertation which is How does the timeframe of implementation of legislation after Marine Accidents compare with Air & Rail industries and should their be a standardised scale.

    I was wondering if any forum members had a document I have been hunting for and its proving very illusive.

    Im after the Techincal Investigation carried out by the Department of Transport, on the European Gateway which was involved in a collision outside Harwich in 1982, the reports author I beleive is J R Spouge and was published in March 1983.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    From what I can see here:

    the report is only available in the Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, 1986 or direct from them.


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      Thankyou Ian

      Thats the link ive found too, maybe speak to lecturers, don't want to waste loads of time hunting when I could be concentrating research on other areas.