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European Gateway Technical Investigation

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  • European Gateway Technical Investigation

    I am a final year student at Plymouth University, currently doing my dissertation which is How does the timeframe of implementation of legislation after Marine Accidents compare with Air & Rail industries and should their be a standardised scale.

    I was wondering if any forum members had a document I have been hunting for and its proving very illusive.

    Im after the Techincal Investigation carried out by the Department of Transport, on the European Gateway which was involved in a collision outside Harwich in 1982, the reports author I beleive is J R Spouge and was published in March 1983.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    From what I can see here:

    Accident descriptions, Asymmetry, Damage stability, European gateway (Vessel), Ferries, Floods, Water transportation crashes

    the report is only available in the Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, 1986 or direct from them.


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      Thankyou Ian

      Thats the link ive found too, maybe speak to lecturers, don't want to waste loads of time hunting when I could be concentrating research on other areas.