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Rule 8 - Action to avoid collision. Easy way of learning

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  • Rule 8 - Action to avoid collision. Easy way of learning


    Trying to get rule 8 off. I have it all individually each part but trying to think of an easy way of remembering the rule as a whole. Any suggestions???


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    a) Any Action to Avoid collision shall be taken in Accordance with the rules of this part, and shall if the circumstances of the case admit, be positive, made in Ample time and with due regard to good seamanship

    b) Any alteration of course or speed to avoid collision shall Be large enough to Be readily apparent to another vessel oBserving visually or by radar; a seris of small alterations of course and/or speed shall Be avoided.

    c) If there is Cufficient C-room an alteration of Course may be the most effeCtive action to avoid Close quarters Cituation, provided that it is made in good time, is Cubstantial and does not result in another Close quarters Cituation

    d) Action taken to avoiD collision with another vessel shall be such as to result in passing at a safe Distance. The effectiveness of the action shall be carefully checked until finally past anD clear

    e) If necessary to avoid collision or allow more time to assess the situation, a vessel shall slacken her spEEd or take all way off by stopping or reversion her means of propulsion

    f) There's no easy way of remembering part f, just remember, if vessels are to not impede they have to take early action and still comply with the othe rules, and the vessel not to be impeded, still has to comply with the other rules.


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      Unfortunately rule 8 is one of those rules that has no obvious way of remembering it easily. You just have to go over it again and again until you've learned it.

      By now you should already know that action to avoid collision should be positive and made in ample time. That's the first part.

      Also you should know that the action should be bold and readily apparent. That's the second part.

      If you've been to sea you'll know that we prefer to alter course rather than change speed, provided there is sufficient room and it wouldn't result in another situation. That's the third part.

      It's obvious you should pass at a safe distance, and you should check the effectiveness of your action. That's part 4.

      Allow yourself more thinking time by slowing down. You can of course stop to asses the situation.
      - A side note to this and a good piece of advice. Slowing down most of the time does not avoid a collision/close quarters situation, it just lets it happen with more time to spare. Also, if you are going to take all way off you will have to allow time to speed up again, balanced against the fact that on a lot of ships you'll have poor manoeuvrability at slow speed. When the propellors are not turning, there's vastly reduced flow over the rudders, even tho you may still be moving through the water, with the engines stopped you will have poor steerage.

      Part f as S4 says is the hardest part. Just remember:

      Vessels required not to impede the passage of another vessel shall take early action to avoid causing the other vessel concern. Impeding is NOT about forming a crossing situation/other risk of collision relationship. Impeding is about giving the other vessel cause for concern, or giving them a reason to think you will cause a problem in the future. You still remain obliged by all other rules of the part.

      A vessel who is not to be impeded remains fully obliged by the rules of the part WHEN APPROACHING ANOTHER VESSEL SO AS TO INVOLVE A RISK OF COLLISION! If there's no risk of collision you don't need to go dancing all over the ocean because you feel the other person is impeding your passage.

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