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The must have guide on the rules

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  • The must have guide on the rules

    WEll it kinda does what the title says, amazon are offering this invaluble book to you for money so thats got to be worth it

    dont miss out as theres a very limited number available and it could be just the thing to get you out of a sticky situation. Buy the book to find out what!

    What some other navigators thought about the book:
    Instead of falling into the same trap that other authors of this subject fall in to, such as "stay on land" or "move out of the way", John Trimmer offers thought provoking, deep insight into the complexities of Huge Ship avoidance.

    most interestingly with chapters such as "Avoiding the ship itself: Moving Left or Right?" which comes up with a flurried and meticulous deconstruction of ethics and theoretical obstacles, for instance "is there anything on either side of the huge ship? - if so, and there is, it is probably, if not definitely, going to Buy the book to find out what!

    If you or anyone you love plans on setting out to sea any time soon, and are worried about encountering a huge ship - then I cannot encourage you enough to read this book.
    you can take it with a pinch of salt, but i prefer it with a nip of whisky

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    I think I'll stick to the ROR book I have...


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      some of the reviews are classic. i remember being linked to a review on that book awhile ago cause someone found a certain review hilarious.


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        For ?95 quid i'd want it to come with an autopilot that done the collision avoidance for me