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    Do I need any for when I start September. If so what ones? Thought i'd get in early before everyone is after the same book(s)?

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    Honestly, unless your flush for cash, I'd save it for the beer. The college will provide notes which are focused towards the syllabus, whereas many of the text books will over complicate the subject, particularly in the early days. The college should have a nautical library when you need books for reference. What is worth buying is the rules, flags and buoyage flip/flash cards, which will help you a lot. When you eventually come to do your orals you'll probably buy some of the seamanship international books.


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      The only compulsory ones back in the day were A Seaman's Guide to the Rule of the Road and Norie's Tables. The college arranged a group purchase of Norie's from Kelvin Hughes (within spitting distance of the college), not sure about the other one but it may have been the same.


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        There's nothing required at Warsash, though it's a good idea to get the Rules in some form. You won't really need them at college but it's a good idea to get a head start on learning them. The thick "Seamans Guide" is good but I aven't met many people who actually used the instructional section which makes up the bulk of the book. What you want is something with just the rules in, like this:

        I carried mine in my pocket whenever I was on watch, useful to just take out and read through or when you've got people testing you.

        Apart from that, everything's available from the library. It's not really a textbook-orientated course.
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          there is a reading list on here... let us know if the search feature isn't working

          you may find people with pdf versions of books, and sometimes on googlebooks you can read quite a bit of them, though we couldn't endorse breaking copyright on this site, we can't stop people from sending private messages to each other about things like this...
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            Tried searching before and couldn't find anything only a list for engineering cadets. This was on the old site though is it a recent addition?

            Maybe I should refrase a bit, when you were a new cadet starting out:
            What books(if any) were you told to buy?
            What books did you actually buy?
            How useful were they?
            What books did you find later in your cadetship/career that you wished you had at the start?

            ps dwang Scribd is pretty handy too
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              I forgot the other compulsory one, a first aid manual for the first aid courses. It was a Dorling Kindersley, but they will tell you which one to get, or just sell it to you from the college.

              I had a "stationery allowance" which I used to buy a few things: Bridge Procedures Guide, Meteorology for Mariners, Mariners Handbook. Also Seamanship Notes and Cargo Notes from Seamanship International, but they were written by lecturers at Glasgow. I wouldn't have bothered with some of them if not for the allowance. Met for Mariners was because I struggled to understand the course notes or the lecturer on the subject. That and the BPG were the most useful, but I'm not sure if Met for Mariners is published any more.

              I wouldn't bother buying any at the start, wait and see what you need extra help with. The Martin Rhodes book on stability had a good reputation but I've not used it.


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                I didn't buy any before I started, and still haven't! The college library should furnish you with plenty of reference material, and the college rovides you with texts published in house. Well that's what they do at Fleetwood anyway, it could well differ if you're off to a different college. Oh and we were given the pocket version of the blue seamans rules of the road book. It goes everywhere with me!


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                  As said by others, I wouldn't bother getting anything until you're at college and know what you need; after all, there's not much point spending piles of beer tokens on a book when there's a shelf full of the same edition in the college library! So far in three phases of the FD at Fleetwood, I've bought exactly one textbook, and that was at the suggestion of the Master on board ship not the college (Cockcroft & Lameijer's Guide to the Collision Avoidance Rules... actually quite useful)
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                    I may have the mariners hand book, Bodwitch and some other publications if anyone wants them Pm me or whatever :P


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                      To get you started though the colregs are published in an MSN