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  • LOLER and LSA?

    Just preparing for my CM orals have seen a follow on question regarding LOLER asking whether it applies to lifeboat davits and gangways?

    I would assume that it does although can find nothing firm in any M notice or the LSA code - other than MGN 332 stating "In the view of MCA, appliances such as Fast Rescue Craft and ship’s lifeboats, which may be raised and lowered with personnel on board, are not lifting equipment for lifting persons for the purposes of this regulation". That doesn't say LOLER doesn't apply it just says they're not treated as 'person carrying' under LOLER.

    All advice gratefully received.

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    LSA davits (along with hooks etc on the boats) are required to be serviced by an authorized technician approved by the manufacturer annually and also 5 yearly involving the 1.1 load test of the davits.

    They aren't under the LOLER regulations for this reason.
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      Thanks Alistair.