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    Good Morning All,

    I am currently in Phase 5 of my Cadetship with a British based Platform Supply Vessel company and all of my cadet trips have been onboard 100 meter North and Norwegian Sea based PSV ships supplying the rigs.

    During almost all of our voyages to rigs we carry DG chemicals and oil in our bulk tanks onboard to supply the rigs and actively transfer them through manifold connections etc and have to have knowledge of these systems.

    I am hoping to get into oil tankers when I finish my cadetship and was wondering if anyone could shed any light or knew if I could possible be able to move more easily or boost my chances of getting into tankers as technically I would have experience and knowledge of working with oil and chemical transfer and carriage.

    Cheers - James.

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    Interesting question.

    Coming from ferries we also had dangerous cargo operations and STCW training on carriage of dangerous goods (predominantly chemicals, explosives and radioactive) and emergency response. I?ve never heard of anyone from ferries heading off to tankers without prior experience though but this may just be because nobody I knew wanted to.

    It would be interesting to see if the transfer of bulk oils and fuels to rigs counts towards anything though. Hopefully someone with more experience will be able to give an answer.

    It may be worth contacting PG Tankers and James Fisher now as they may be able to give you an answer and also may be interested to hear when you?re qualifying. I know oil tanker companies have previously hired the likes of 5th engineers and 4th officers with the idea being they?re onboard for training towards their dangerous cargo tickets.


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      Teekay Gas is another one, they have a training program for Newly qualified OOWs without DG endorsements and who haven't sailed on tankers as a cadet - that is if you'd be happy to work on LNG/LPG tankers.


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        I know someone who went from PSVs to tankers. Think they had to do a trip as 4th Officer or Junior 3rd Officer in order to get their DCE. This was with Northern Marine and several years ago now but they would be worth adding to the list of companies to look into to see if this is still something they do.