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  • Chief mates requirements?

    Si, I?m a deck OOW and should have sea time for chief mates after I finish my current contract, but I?m not sure what course to do or where or what I actually need. I did foundation degree and passed everything except chief mates stability (started January 2013 and qualified November 2015) I know regulations with SQAs keep changing and now I?m not sure what I actually need to do, do I need to do the full sqa because of stability? What courses would people recommend that offer the most teaching and support? (Cruise officer and minimal knowledge if I?m honest). Thanks everyone!

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    If you were to do it at Fleetwood (for example), I believe you would need to do the HND to chief mate course (1 or 2 terms) and then the short courses, and an orals prep course if you chose


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      Firstly: Contact whatever college you did your foundation degree at and find out what the next steps are for chief mate; all the colleges did their own thing so depending when and where you did the foundation degree will affect what you need to do next.

      if you failed stability then it?s a fairly good guess that you?ll probably have to do the standard Chief Mates route (SQAs and sea time before orals) but only the college that you originally did the foundation degree will be able to advise you properly.
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