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  • Anchor Brake Band Lining

    A friend of a friend took their orals in South Africa earlier today and has been told to come back tomorrow morning with an answer to the following question:
    "What is the rule of thumb for when the lining needs to be replaced on the anchor brake band?"

    He'd already gone through: when it's showing signs of wear (of various kinds), and as according to criteria set out in the manual. I get the feeling that this is a fairly 'old school' examiner. Do any of you lamp swingers have any idea? I have several that I would go with in the absence of a manual, but I wouldn't say any of them were THE rule of thumb, just application of common sense and typical signs of wear.

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    This attachment just appeared in my inbox yesterday as we start to prepare orders and service engineers for refit. Is the rule of thumb the examiner was looking for maybe when a third has gone.