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    hey guys im currently mid way through phase 3. im an older cadet , ejoying the training. but can someone in the know please explain to me some things i need some light shed on.

    im currently doing the HNC route as im directly sponsored and my company dont do the FD route. now ive tried getting this info myself through the MCA website but as everyone knows the qualification routes in the MN are very confusing.

    basically im considering doing the HND top up at south shields once i finish in 2021, so aiming for the september start HND. no one at college has sat us down and told us the routes to the next tickets etc or explained the road map through the qualifications in this industry which is a point i will raise when we have the next Q and A with head shed. i understand the sea time etc. but its my understanding that to do chief mates you need 12 months sea time, a HND and the Chief mates SQAs then some more short courses and pass the oral?

    is this correct?

    as they do a phase 6 HND top up after phase 5 and its my understanding again that if you do the HND thats cool but you cant sit chief mates SQAs until you have the sea time, so id have to go to sea work as a 3rd mate potentially 2nd then come back to do SQAs and then oral prep meaning i only need to take 3 months off work rather than 9?

    can someone shed some light on whats the difference as there is phase 6 HND top up and then down the corridor is chief mates HND/SQA. how would it all work if i do decide to do the HND this side of the sea time?

    basically in layman terms just a roadmap of the courses post DOOW

    cheers guys

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    There’s a diagram in the MSN

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