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    Good Morning

    Is anyone aware of how to get a basic engineers qualification ? I'm currently holding a Chief Mates unlimited, but working offshore they have you doing some engineering bits and pieces on nights . I'm aware of the AEC 1 and 2 but can you progress onto this ? Truth be told I wouldnt mind also starting a little business in my time off fixing small boat engines etc .

    Kind regards

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    AEC 1 and 2 are probably pointless if you know one of the engineers well enough onboard and s/he's willing to spend an hour with you a day for a week explaining the air/fuel/lube oil/cooling/hydraulic systems and showing you basic daily or weekly routines. Spend a second week with them if you want AEC 2 level knowledge and ask them to show you sewage, water, electrical systems and basic routines/operations.

    Regarding a little business, qualifications probably won't help you, it'll just be down to you offering good prices and starting with stuff you know you can do - servicing etc - and gaining trust/reviews. It's a fairly closed little industry as everyone knows everyone but worth a try!