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  • Gas tankers post qualification

    Hey guys,

    not sure if this is the correct heading to post this under.

    i am part way through my cadetship and I am a late comer to this profession having started at 28 with a previous background in the armed forces.

    my question is in relation to getting work on gas carriers post qualification.

    i am currently doing my cadetship with a product tanker company and i would like to potentially transition across to LNG, LPG carriers as everything I have read has pointed to the industry over that side of oil and gas picking up. Plus I find it interesting.

    i will have an oil endorsement but not a gas one when I finish this course and then I plan to stay behind for a HND.

    How would i best go about transitioning to the gas side? Any recommendations on courses or companies to approach as I am aware that if I am lucky I may get taken on as an extra third for a trip to get an endorsement?

    Ive added people on linked in and read around and made a short list of companies but any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    many thanks again.

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    May be easier to obtain a position with a company who have both product and gas, and then move internally. Does the company sponsoring you do both and are they likely to employ you post cadetship? I think Northern Marine do both, a few guys I did my cadetship with got jobs with them and started off on Stena oil tankers, all now work in the gas sector. This is a few years ago though so things may now be different.


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      The only comapany that seems to routinely recruit for cross training is Teekay. Shell and BP have been known to but usually with strings being pulled.

      Reality is it's tricky. You're going to be second choice to someone with a Gas DCE unless you are being recruited as part of a big recruitment drive. The companies that do these often also prefer SPD/FD (or at least they did couple of years back - don't know now because of the exemptions being gone...) so HND is a good move!

      In short, it's do-able, you're just going to have to push yourself forward extra hard!


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        I recently sailed with a Dutch guy who said Anthony Veders were expanding and are always on the look out for new junior officers for their fleet (DCE or not). Not sure if coming from the U.K. would affect your application as it sounded as though the officers were Dutch/Belgian/Russian but surely worth dropping them a CV once you qualify.