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Princess Deck Cadet September intake

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  • Princess Deck Cadet September intake

    Hi guys, I’ve recently been offered sponsorship to become a princess cruises deck cadet and I’m starting at Fleetwood college in September, just wondering if there is anyone else on here that is starting then too?

    Also I have been wondering with regards to uniforms once on the ships, being a girl, is there any chance of having a skirt as part of my uniform or is it only trousers available????

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    You'll get a skirt as well as trousers.


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      Thank you! Was wondering as well, not sure if you will know, on cruises formal nights what is the uniform for female deck officers? Also when you share cabins do you only share with other officers or with any member of crew?


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        Not sure how princess do it but for our female officers they usually wear a black formal skirt and black formal jacket. I think some cruise lines have a similar white formal uniform not sure which princess use. You won't be wearing your own dresses or anything though I wouldn't have thought. Very occasionally our female officers can wear their own formal dresses. On christmas etc.

        You will only share with other female cadets. Usually other deck cadets. Maybe engine if there are any on board but usually they keep departments seperate unless they have no choice due to cabin availability. Being female you are more likely to get your own cabin as a cadet as generally there are less women so less people to share with. Once you're qualified you'll get your own cabin.


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          Ah fab thank you! What company do you work for?


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