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Fireman radios and the fireplan

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  • Fireman radios and the fireplan

    Hello all,

    Appologies if this has already been asked but I’m on the ships internet and it takes forever to load websites. Has anybody had any experience with updating a ships fire plan with the position of the new fireman radios we now have to carry? I have just joined my first ship as 3/O and have been asked to make amendments.

    It it has been suggested to use pixels for the update but I can not find any pixels of the new imo approved symbols for the radios in any catalog we have on board. Also as they are not already included on the key I am assuming that this will need updating as well but I fear this may mean a complete reprint of the plans. I am also aware that any changes need submitting to flag state for approval. Does anybody have recent experience of going through all this?

    The rest of the officers on board are from Russia / Ukraine and while their English is fairly good, language barriers are proving difficult with this so I’m pretty much adrift on this one.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Not sure how good your DPA/head office are but ask if they can help. IMO that should be their bag. Scan a copy of the fire plan with pen amendments and email it to them. They can then sort it out with class/flag
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      Thanks Snowy, will try to have another chat with the DPA and work out a way forward.

      For now I’ve made up my own stickers to make the amendments as my free hand drawing of the symbols may be a bit sketchy! Will see if DPA happy with this then scan and send!



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        Normally approved by flag next time flag surveyor attends vessel - annual, interim etc


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          You can make amendments to the plan onboard with any changes eventually submitted to class / flag next time they make a substantial change.

          or you can just ask class to approve the amendments next time they attend the vessel for something.
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            Thanks guys! Will discuss it on our next flag state inspection.

            sorry for the slow reply, ships internet has been a touch on the grouchy side the last few weeks!