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    Hi all.

    Wondering if anyone could help explain in layman?s terms the requirements for an EDH certificate.

    We have a deck trainee on board at the moment and he is working through the tasks in MSN 1862 for the Nav Watch Rating Cert. The cert says that to achieve this he needs 6 months sea service on vessels of 15m or over but that this can be reduced to 2 months after completion of MCA recognised special training.

    Does anyone out there have any examples of what this special training might be?

    Also, annex F is the steering cert but I can?t actually find any reference to it in the rest of the MSN saying it is required. Does he need to do his steering cert to be given the EDH? I did my steering cert as a cadet but not sure if I even needed it back then. Not sure why they?d put it in if he didn?t need to do I.

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    The EDH course (and certificate saying you've passed) is one of the requirements that they'll need to meet to apply for their ABs ticket - It isn't needed if they're only applying for their Nav watch rating certificate,

    "Special training" is defined in the application form for a Nav watch certificate as " MNTB Deck Rating Training:

    STCW Basic Training for Seafarers and delivery and assessment for the Level 2 Award in Maritime Studies (Watch Rating ? Deck). This is a 4 week college based training course. You will be awarded a Basic Safety Training and Maritime Studies Certificate. You must submit this Certificate with your application.
    Essentially, a vocational qualification.

    They'll need to obtain their steering certificate before they can sit their EDH exam, as it'll be checked at some point on the course.

    Might be worth noting that the Nav watch rating qualification is a requirement for the EDH course.
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