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Effects of Gyro Failure on RADAR, ARPA and ECDIS?

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  • Effects of Gyro Failure on RADAR, ARPA and ECDIS?

    Could someone refresh my memory on the above please.

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    It is pointless to explain as you need to understand the processes and how the equipment works. So for instance with ECDIS, what is fed into it from the NMEA inputs? If you the gyro heading is incorrect, will it still give you a position? So will will be different? If there is no gyro heading at all, what will be different?

    With radar think about the different methods of stabilisation? Sea stabilised, ground stabilised? Fed from a GPS? Go back to your radar plots and think about what information you need in the radar plot and what the effect of an incorrect or inaccurate heading would be on that?

    It is really important as a deck officer to understand the equipment completely, no just the consequences but the actual root of where information comes from and how it integrates into the equipment and by knowing that you will understand what the possible outcomes are.


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      Thanks for your response

      Here's my thinking:

      ECDIS - you would loose your heading. However you could still get your ground track from the GPS.Not sure if it would give you a direction since there's no reference for North unless GPS can determine this from your change in Lat/Lon.

      RADAR - Bearings would be relative. The only info you could get would be CPA/TCPA since ARPA cant determine make WO or WA