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    Hey Guys,

    Really need some advice. I'm currently in phase 3 of my cadetship. I've completed 4 months at sea and I am now back at college.

    Last week I had a seizure that hospitalized me. The doctor has referred me to a specialist for suspected epilepsy but I won't get a firm diagnosis for a while. I also had a benign brain tumour and extensive brain surgery 8 years ago, although I was told by my originally doctor this won't affect me getting an eng1.

    I passed my last eng1 with no problems, but it expires in July so I need a new one. What are the chances of me getting an eng1 with my medical situation at the moment? Any advice will be appreciated, I can't talk to a qualified doctor until the 14th (in 3 days).


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    Hey, sorry to hear this. I had a similar issue just before starting my first sea phase as my heart rhythm went out of whack, so I know how worrying it can be. Unfortunately there isn't much anyone can tell you. Annoying as it is you'll just have to wait and see what the doctor says. However, this is the guidance for medicals so you might get something from here.


    I hope you get good news from the doctor. I would try not to worry too much until you speak to someone though. As going by that guidance I should not have passed my medical but the doctor had no issues with giving me a full ENG1.


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      The best person to speak to would be the doctor who gave you the ENG1.

      That said, have you got in touch with the Dreadnought ( ? As a serving seafarer, you should be able to get priority treatment, which might speed up getting a diagnosis.
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      Will work for money/sea time.


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        Thank you for your help guys. I didn't know about dreadnought so that is very useful! Will get on it asap


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          My suggestion would be to get everything investigated properly before you renew your ENG1, you are better to go in armed with the facts. The first question they will ask is why it happened and could it happen again.
          Unfortunately the MCA have a very poor process when it comes to complicated medical issues so be prepared for the possibility that you may have a restricted medical (near coastal) or even the possibility of losing your medical.


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            As Young Mariner says, definitely see what the specialist says before going. If he says it is a one off and nothing to worry about then get it in writing.


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              Thanks for all the responses. I've been told I can withdraw for now and reapply to start again next September, after which I should be able to get an unrestricted eng1 provided no more issues. Does anyone have any knowledge of this and whether I can do this and just restart in the same phase? Don't really want to just start all over


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                I have heard of folk going back a phase but I think that was due to a lack of sea time.